E-Cigarettes present a safer smoking alternative

Thanks for visiting the web page of Britain’s premier eletronic cigarettes company supplying a wide range of e cigs and their related accessories. We pride in providing a safe smoking option to smokers in UK and around the world with our e cigarettes that have become quite popular among people in a relatively short period of time since the advent of the first electronic cigarette.

The prime benefit of switching to an e-cig can be understood by the fact that it is completely devoid of all the harmful ingredients that are used in old tobacco cigarettes. Though it has a similar nicotine kick like a tobacco cigarette, it neither contains tobacco nor any of the unsafe chemicals including the deadly tar. It also does not produce the lethal carbon monoxide upon burning, as the old conventional cigarette filled with tobacco usually do. As a result, an e cigarette presents a safer smoking alternative to smokers without making them compromise on the taste and feel they got with their earlier brands. In addition, an e cig also costs almost 70% less than the normal tobacco filled ones. So it is actually a twin benefit package for all people switching to these cigarettes.

It is no wonder that regular tobacco smokers living in UK and anywhere in the world are taking note of this fact and switching to this healthier option. If you too are inclined towards giving these cigarettes a try, we would recommend trying our brand of e-cigarettes to relish the similar taste and feel of your old cigarette. Being smokeless, this cigarette could be smoked at any public place or even at home without exposing the people around you to the harmful effects of passive smoking. Recent surveys carried out on the number of e smokers in UK have put their count at 700,000 in 2012 which was expected to jump to a million in 2013.

The range of smokeless cigs offered by us come in various flavours and strengths. We offer a wide assortment of cartridges for replacement to regular e-smokers in a range of flavours such as the normal tobacco flavour, menthol flavour, apple flavour and other flavours as well. We have an efficient order processing system that allows us to maintain a same day despatch schedule. Barring any major issues, most despatches across UK are delivered within 3 days and a couple of days more for deliveries outside UK.

We also have vape starter kits for first time users of smokeless cigarettes who are either indulging for fun or looking to switch to this safer smoking option. These starter kits are ideal for trying out all the flavours and strengths before settling down on the one that is most appropriate to a user’s liking. Our starter kits come with a charger and a set of rechargeable batteries, so users must not forget to check them when opening the pack for the first time. Going for our starter kit is always a great option because they don’t even cost a great deal.

It will be worthwhile to understand that due to legislation in UK against selling of these products to people below 18 years of age, we don’t entertain minors with our supply. Nicotine being a highly addictive substance, it is advisable that users must keep these cartridges at a place where they are beyond the reach of kids. If the cartridge gets swallowed by mistake, seeking immediate medical advice would be the best course. While these smokeless cigarettes are definitely a safer option, we would like to state that these e-cigarettes should not be taken as a way to give up smoking.